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Innovative Treatment Strategies

Is your therapy gym stagnant? Are your therapists using the same antiquated techniques with patients? If so, ITS can help.

With technology developing at a lightning pace, Ron Cram and Jamey Kleva quickly identified a need for advanced equipment to optimize the performance and testing of patients receiving therapy services. With that idea in mind, Innovative Treatment Strategies (ITS) was born in 2013. ITS brings the latest technology to our clients at a reasonable cost and with therapists that are knowledgeable in both the use and efficacy of the equipment. This includes their exclusive product, The MR Cube.

The MR Cube is a cutting edge diagnostic tool that can eliminate monotony while at the same time collect objective data on a patient’s progress.

The MR Cube can turn a tedious therapy session into a competitive experience where the patient is engaged in the visual game component. Packed with the latest technology, The MR Cube is a small, portable dynamo that can read the data collected from the patient and download it to a computer. The data provides the therapist with objective results instantly while the patient enjoys his/her therapy session. With the exercises creatively disguised as a video game, the patient’s competitive nature is sparked and each therapy session becomes a challenge to increase his/her area of weakness by trying to beat the previous score.

Patients love it. Therapists love it. The MR Cube adds a whole new level to the therapy gym. Let ITS bring the MR Cube to your facility and show you what it can do. Contact ITS today at info@innovativetreatment.net for a demonstration.

What Do We Do?

All of the ITS specialized treatment systems are designed to simultaneously provide the following benefits to our customers:

  • Build Their Business
  • Empower and Equip Your Therapists
  • Enhance Patient Outcomes

Building Your Therapy Business

Our solutions introduce new revenue sources by expanding specialized treatment for a broader range of patient conditions. With these new expanded therapy services, referrals are increased from existing referral sources, and new referral sources are created from current referrors, patients, and providers. Our systems allow you to differentiate your clinic from competitors by having state-of-the-art equipment and programs that allow therapists and clinicians to electronically show and document progress of patients' outcomes.

By offering new specialty therapy programs, and marketing these specialties to the medical providers in your area, referrals from all your referral sources are increased. Reimbursement and denials are minimized with our systems.

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Empowering and Equiping Your Therapists

ITS' solutions help reduce patients' pain in therapy, and speed up healing by allowing the patient to engage with the systems they are using. This allows the therapists to introduce more intense therapies sooner to arrive at the desired treatment outcomes faster. By allowing your therapists to be trained on and use the latest and most effective products, you offer a more enriching therapy environment for improved job satisfaction and retention. Athletic Trainers are now able to accelerate recovery and improve outcomes for athletes and others with sports related injuries.

Enhancing Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction

Because you now have state-of-the-art therapeutic systems, your facility can now offer treatment options for a broader range of patients and more medically complex conditions for which you were previously not equipped to treat. Evidence-based clinical programs and advanced therapeutic modalities help enhance recovery, functional gains and clinical outcomes ITS' comprehensive and better-designed clinical programs promote patient wellness and help reduce risk for serious injuries during treatment. Overall patient and family satisfaction are greatly increased, because the desired functional outcomes and patients' quality of life are greatly improved.

Innovative Treatment Strategies FAQ

  • What is ITS?
    • ITS stands for Innovative Treatment Supplies. ITS can provide your therapy department with needed equipment to make treating patients easier.
  • What equipment can ITS provide?
    • ITS can order any therapy equipment a department would need, but the MR Cube is their top seller. ITS is the exclusive distributor for the MR Cube.
  • What is the MR Cube?
    • It is a portable, functional training and testing device that therapists can use to not only eliminate monotony of a therapy session, but also collect objective data on a patient’s progress.
  • Why should our facility purchase a MR Cube for our therapy gym?
    • MR Cube takes the guesswork out of evaluating a patient. With the objective data collected straight to a computer, the patient’s baseline is collected and progress can be obtained with each use.
  • How does the MR Cube work?
    • The therapist connects the MR Cube to the patient via a tether and has the patient perform “games” on a computer screen. While the patient is engaged in a fun therapy session, the portable dynamo reads the data collected from the patient and downloads it to a computer.
  • How is the MR Cube better than the old tried and true methods used in the average therapy session?
    • The data collected from the MR Cube provides the therapist with objective results instantly while the patient enjoys his/her therapy session. With the exercises creatively disguised as a video game, the patient’s competitive nature is sparked and each therapy session becomes a challenge to increase his/her area of weakness by trying to beat the previous score.
  • How can our therapy department see the MR Cube in action?
    • Contact Jamey Kleva at jkleva@innovativetreatment.net and she will schedule a demonstration. Our therapists will set an onsite visit where your therapists and patients can learn about the MR Cube and receive hands on training.
  • How will we know if more than one MR Cube is needed for our department?
    • Once your patients experience their exercises on the MR Cube, they will be fighting over MR Cube time.
  • Can the MR Cube be rented to our facility?
    • Yes, contact Jamey Kleva for details on a rental agreement.
  • Is the software updated and are the updates included in the price?
    • Yes, software upgrades are included as they become available for two years. After two years, new updates will be provided for a nominal fee.
  • With staff turnover, how can we avoid a new staff leaving the MR Cube in the corner and not using it to its full potential?
    • Our therapists can set up a retraining session to make sure the MR Cube is being used to its full potential.
  • Will the MR Cube pay for itself?
    • Yes, by adding additional HCPCS treatment codes, Medicare will reimburse for the MR Cube treatments.

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