Staffing Strategies

What is Staffing Strategies and what can we do for you?

In response to the industry's high demand for qualified, temporary therapists and nurses, Ron Cram and Jamey Kleva opened Staffing Strategies in 2010. After managing their own supplemental staff at Rehab Strategies, they used that experience and applied it toward opening the next phase of The Strategies enterprise.

Our facilities and partners now benefit from Staffing Strategies’ ability to alleviate significant gaps in their therapy coverage.

To help fill these gaps, Staffing Strategies developed a reliable, on-call roster of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and specifically trained assistants. Our staff can be assigned to a facility for coverage lasting as short as a few hours to concurrent weeks lasting as long as the facility needs.

In 2018, after such an overwhelming response from facilities needing open shift replacements, Staffing Strategies added nurses to our stable of staffing professionals. We deliver day, evening and overnight shift coverage. Many of the nurses will provide double shift coverage when needed.

Scheduling personnel is a constant strain for all healthcare facilities. Let Staffing Strategies be the one to relieve your stress by utilizing their therapists and available nurses.

At times, all healthcare facilities find themselves short staffed. By utilizing consistent replacement coverage through Staffing Strategies, neither patients nor healthcare providers will experience a lapse in quality care. Staffing Strategies is here for you; let us be the one you call to fill your scheduling void.

Contact Staffing Strategies NOW (317) 383-7979

We hire, we work, we share our staff.

Email our Staffing Coordinator, Darian Cram.

Our partners contact us when they need to supplement staff. We develop close relationships with our client partners and tailor our services to their immediate needs. Consider us your staffing RESCUE SQUAD – we are here when you need us - for as little as two hours up to 13-week assignments. In addition to providing additional staff we provide RELIEF and peace of mind. As a Staffing Strategies client partner, you will have access to dependable, professional, and fully vetted staff. All nursing and therapy staff are subjected to the following:

  • Pre-Employment Background Screen
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screen
  • TB Test
  • License Verification
  • Monthly OIG Sanction Checks
  • CPR Card
  • Job Description
  • Hep B Acknowledgement
  • Flu Acknowledgement
  • Confidentiality Agreement

Staffing Strategies FAQ

  • How do I know I need Staffing Strategies?
    • When your facility has a shift going unfilled and you cannot find coverage through your own full-time and prn staff.
  • What does Staffing Strategies provide?
    • Therapists or nurses to cover open shifts as needed.
  • How do I sign up for Staffing Strategies coverage?
    • Contact Darian Cram at (317) 383-7979 or and she will provide your company with a contract. From there, your staffing supervisor will contact Darian when openings occur.
  • Who will come to our facility?
    • A licensed professional therapist or nurse qualified to perform the job requirements. The Staffing Strategies staff member will have had a clear background and drug screen on file. He/she will also have an active license, CPR and all immunizations.
  • How do I know the staff provided will know our electronic charting system and will follow our facility standards of care?
    • All staff hired by Staffing Strategies will be given an orientation to discuss each company’s charting system and information specific to each facility.
  • What happens if a shift cannot be covered or a supplemental staff personnel must back out?
    • Regretfully, this does happen but not often. Darian will contact your scheduler if she is unable to fill the open shift. She will also contact the staffing coordinator as early as possible if a supplemental staff member has an emergency and needs to cancel.
  • Who do I contact if we need to cancel the therapist/nurse previously scheduled through Staffing Strategies?
    • Please contact Darian Cram (317) 383-7979 at least two hours before the canceled shift if the shift is for nursing. Please contact Darian Cram 24 hours before if the shift was to be covered by a physical, occupational or speech therapist.
  • Can we schedule a Staffing Strategies’ therapist/nurse daily, weekly or monthly?
    • You can call any time there is a need and confirm a need for any length of time needed. Darian has therapists/nurses on call to cover needs that may arise from a morning call-in opening to a lengthy maternity or disability leave.
  • Why should a choose Staffing Strategies over other agencies?
    • Staffing Strategies is not your typical staffing company. It was initially created to provide supplementary staff solely for our own facilities, but after amassing a large pool of nurses/therapists, we were able to open our available staff to other companies in need.
  • When can I call Staffing Strategies?
    • Any time you need a nurse or therapist.

Contact our Staffing Coordinator

Darian Cram

(317) 383-7979