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The Strategies is the culmination of over 50 years of combined healthcare experience, strategic initiatives to identify necessary gap coverage, and fast-paced entrepreneurial expansion. It consists of four interconnected healthcare companies formed and brought to fruition by the two therapists and owners Ron Cram and Jamey Kleva.

With the vision to be a leader in the industry and an easily identifiable name and logo, The Strategies strives to meet and exceed the needs of our partners by identifying and closing gaps in healthcare. The empty circle in the middle of The Strategies’ logo represents the hole our customers need help filling and the dots represent the many strategies we offer that will help fill those gaps.

By encompassing all rehabilitation services under The Strategies umbrella, healthcare providers benefit from easy access to information when searching for therapy needs. The Strategies provides full department coverage of rehabilitation therapy services, temporary therapist and nursing coverage on an as needed basis, specialized rehabilitation equipment and access to a long-term care facility.

Partnering with The Strategies will simplify a facility’s rehabilitation needs with the click of a button leaving time to focus on providing quality patient care.

Not only will partnering with The Strategies alleviate the stress of day to day rehabilitation management at your facility and make your job easier, but by following The Strategies’ proven model of healthcare reimbursement, we can guarantee your facility will be profitable.

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Care Close-by in Indiana

Do you need a facility for a loved one in Muncie, Indiana? Care Strategies can help.

In 2018, the entrepreneurial pair of Ron Cram and Jamey Kleva achieved their longstanding dream of owning and operating a facility that provides long-term residential care to individuals with intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injuries and physical disabilities. They had the opportunity to enter the marketplace with the advent of Care Strategies by purchasing a small facility in Muncie, Indiana: Brookside Care Strategies. With that purchase, Ron and Jamey were able to incorporate all their services, completing their vision by providing therapy, staffing and the latest technology in one location.

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What is Rehab Strategies and what can we do for you?

Rehab Strategies is a family-owned, Indiana-based Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Provider that is owned and operated by therapists. With a focus on older adults, our exceptional patient care and therapeutic outcomes are provided across the state of Indiana in numerous skilled nursing facilities, assisted livings, hospitals, and independent living facilities. Rehab Strategies provides full contract therapy services, consulting services, management services, wellness services, and a multitude of other options to better the lives of older adults, whether they are residents of a facility or not. With facilities all the way up to Muncie, down to Vincennes, and everywhere in between, Rehab Strategies has the infrastructure and therapist network to provide residents with the most exceptional patient care and customer service the state of Indiana has to offer!

Rehab Strategies was founded in 2006 by physical therapist and CEO, Ron Cram. After gaining experience in various physical therapy services and working his way up in management and ownership, Ron decided to go out on his own and create Rehab Strategies. Ron’s goal was to provide high quality therapy services and patient care to facilities across the state of Indiana, with an emphasis on the older adult population. Rehab Strategies now provides full therapy services to numerous facilities across the state. As of 2018, Ron’s son Zach has been a physical therapist with Rehab Strategies. Following the career trajectory of his father, Zach has worked his way up from staff therapist to clinic manager, to regional manager, and eventually to Vice President of Operations. With Ron’s increased focus on expansion of facility ownership and operation with Care Strategies, Zach has assumed management and operations roles of Rehab Strategies, working hand-in-hand with Ron.

Rehab Strategies prides themselves on being a family owned and operated company. This family atmosphere and mindset carries over to the way that Rehab Strategies treats their employees and their patients.

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What is Staffing Strategies and what can we do for you?

In response to the industry high demand for qualified, temporary therapists and nurses, Ron Cram and Jamey Kleva opened Staffing Strategies in 2010. After managing their own supplemental staff at Rehab Strategies, they used that experience and applied it toward opening the next phase of The Strategies enterprise.

Our facilities and partners now benefit from Staffing Strategies’ ability to alleviate significant gaps in their therapy coverage.

To help fill these gaps, Staffing Strategies developed a reliable, on-call roster of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and specifically trained assistants. Our staff can be assigned to a facility for coverage lasting as short as a few hours to concurrent weeks lasting as long as the facility needs.

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Innovative Treatment Strategies

Is your therapy gym stagnant? Are your therapists using the same antiquated techniques with patients? If so, ITS can help.

With technology developing at a lightning pace, Ron Cram and Jamey optimize services. With that idea in mind, Innovative Treatment Strategies (ITS)was born in 2013. ITS brings the latest technology to our clients at a reasonable cost and with therapists that are knowledgeable in both the use and efficacy of the equipment. This includes their exclusive product, The MR Cube.

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